Technical Management

Technical Management is the most important aspect of efficient ship management and efficient management is key to maintaining the asset value, maximizing operational profits and minimizing unplanned expense on assets.

We will manage it for you!

Omega is capable of managing a diverse spectrum of tonnage ranging from Bulk Carriers, Tankers, Container vessels, to various special purpose vessels.

With a blend of young, dynamic and experienced persons in our team, we are well positioned to operate the vessels in a safe, compliant and economical fashion, ensuring the satisfaction of all stakeholders in the venture.

The core team spearheads respective departments, ensuring smooth operation of the vessels through:

  • Competent and adequate crew allocation
  • Sustained programme of training and drills
  • Timely advice and guidance on cargo operations and related queries
  • Closely monitored preventive maintenance
  • Timely allocation of stores and services, with savings on logistics through consolidation & forwarding
  • Periodic ship visits to audit the effectiveness of the maintenance programme and ship-shore connect
  • Engaging with proven partners for various support services

Omega Management uses top of the line ship management software for monitoring, recording and analyzing vessel performance. This offers information at fingertips with absolute transparency.