Crew Management

Ship management is all about having the right people for the job – both ashore and on board. We truly believe that our floating staff are an invaluable asset to our organization.

We will manage it for you!

Through our offices and strategic alliances with proven partners across the globe, Omega has the resources to provide competent, experienced and motivated crew. Officers and ratings from prominent sea-faring nations are employed effectively. We offer attractive terms and conditions of service that facilitate ITF or equivalent cover, in tailor made packages to suit the needs of the trade and / or owners.

Omega has an established process for crew selection across all ranks. The induction process for new aspirants is detailed and thorough, to ensure that the right candidates filter through into our system. We have a slew of measures to ensure quality manning on board our managed vessels, such as:

  • Strict matrix requirement for new inductees
  • Identifying training needs at the point of induction as well as through the appraisal system while on board
  • Engaging personally with the top four (On board team) at our premises, to ensure that they understand what is expected out of them
  • Empower our Masters and Chief Engineers to identify and train suitable candidates for growth within the organization
  • Establishing grounds for growth based on merit rather than time in rank
  • Nurture our pool of officers and ratings by building their confidence in the shore team

The shore team continually engages with our floating staff through proper communication, training programmes and annual seminars to build the sense of confidence and competence necessary to run our managed fleet in the most resourceful manner.

We, at Omega, understand the importance of our floating staff in the operational success of our managed vessels. We consider them our brand ambassadors and have a range of welfare related benefits to mark our appreciation towards their contribution.